Here are the lyrics to all the songs on The Andy Harrell Project
All lyrics were written by me unless otherwise indicated.
Songs are in the order they appear on the disc, including
instrumentals, where noted.

The Working Song

Quiet music wakes me up and that's the only way,
Lying here in the darkness I know that it's a brand new day.
Five days a week that's as bright as it seem's 'till afternoon.
Locking up my soul a box inside a windowless room.

If you think you can ruin my life
and take away all of my pride.
You'll have to put in some overtime
'cause Mister I'm a hell of a climb.
The tides and waves have beaten the piers
for year after year.
But after all the storms you brought on
I'm still standin' here.

Boss man grabs me up by the scruff
and throws me through the door.
Into his back hallway where he knocks me to the floor.
This "You ain't learned the rules yet, son."
sure burns me to the wick.
An honest man in politics soon finds his soul is sick.

"Why won't they just let us do our job", the old man said.
The bitterness that gripped his voice rings true inside my head.
But as I turn to make my way back home frustration wanes.
With a Wife back there to make it all better,
you can keep your silly games.


(Lyrics by Nancy Potts)

Different worlds, that's where we are
Binding ties and remaining scars.
Times forgotten that once rang true
Different worlds for me and you.

These different worlds so far, so near.
These different worlds bring pain and fear.
Different worlds we'll pay the price.
Different worlds, once fire now ice.

The games are played but no one wins.
Just can't see where the hell it ends.
Sought the goal to find the treasure.
We both lose, baby, we lost the pleasure.

The quiet sounds like thunder, love.
It echoes loud from stars above.
The silent world of love and pain
Somehow so loud, it's crazy, insane.

Different worlds, your world and mine.
Lost is our world, lost in time.
The loss, the gain - is it worth the price?
Different worlds, once fire now ice.

Heart Forget

(Lyrics by Nancy Potts)

All those years ago, remember?
We held each other so close.
And it seems like only yesterday.
But time doesn't lose that ghost.

You get yourself together after a night of broken dreams.
You think you're cool, composed and then all it takes is to see him again.

Heart, forget him; heart, just let go.
For you belong to someone else.
Heart, forget, you've got to know this chapter's closed.
Heart, forget, let go.

The dreams go on and on and the months go by.
You think you'll lose it tomorrow.
But the feelings don't die and you start to cry.
And you know that time is not to borrow.

You look in the mirror again; you see that torn-apart look in those eyes.
You know you've got to hide it so you keep it all held way down deep inside.

Passion Blown Away

(Lyrics by Nancy Potts)

Passion's blown away just like the sand in the wind.
Each time the monster shows its face the passion's at its end.
Then I see the Cherub eyes staring lovingly.
But just behind, not far away, a beast with chains I see.

Passion's blown away, far away at sea.
Passion's blown away, swept away again, set free.

Where passion lived in all its splendor empty space remains.
Take away the demon's face, away to other plains.

Never Let Her Go

So she's finally gone away.
She packed her bags and left today.
And drivin' home I feel
I'll never see her smilin' face again.

And all the nights we spent together,
I surely thought it would last forever.
'Cause all the times we had
I swear they were the best I ever knew.

Lookin' back now I just can't see
Why that girl, she ain't still here with me.
If I ever get her back
I'll never let her go.

And when her letter's in my hand
I'll surely know just where I stand.
Will all the love I tried to give my baby
just be wasted time?

And then I read her words and smiled.
My baby loved me through a thousand miles.
And it looks like ev'rything's gonna be all right
when she comes home to me.

In a Dream

It's got so far behind me now.
I've got to get it back somehow.
She comes so softly in the night.
She slips so quickly out of sight.

We wandered on the mountains.
We walked thorough fields and fountains.
She calls me in a dream.
She calls me in a dream.

I long to hear the waterfalls
Echoing off the canyon walls.
She takes me far away from home.
She keeps me warm when I'm alone.

Running in the Dark - Ambient Instrumental


When every little thing goes wrong
And the working day has come and gone.
Something inside of me breaks loose.
And tightens 'round my neck just like a noose.

When all the dreams I've tucked away
Start to seem to slip away.
The demons that live inside my mind
Torment me and cause me to go blind.

I can't explain what comes over me.
My anger shoots through me 'till I cannot see.
I don't know how and I don't know why.
I lose control and my temper flies.

Now if I could go back to when
I lost control and start again.
I don't know if I can understand the way.
My sanity slipped into a haze of gray.

So when you see the times I've failed
To keep my passion on the trail.
Look beyond the storm that's growing near.
And see it's just the way I hide my fear.

Tie Me Up

(Lyrics by Paul Leeman)

My baby's never been no Boy Scout,
But the way she ties the knot just might leave you in doubt.
You know when I'm feelin' like I really ought to go,
She just laughs and does her one-man rodeo.

Tie me up. Tie me down
Don't give up. Up and down

Ain't nothin' wrong with deviation,
Or a little mental masturbation.
She'll vent your sexual frustration.
Just pull some strings and, Wow, pure elation.

How do I love thee? Oooh, let me count the ways...
So many variations put me in a daze.
This kind of lovin' leaves me spellbound.
First she ties me up and then she goes on down.

That's one for the money,
And two for the show,
Three to get ready,
And forty feet of rope.

When she comes through my door, ain't no place to hide.
I try to reason but these slip-knots just won't slide.
When I get in, it ain't so bad at all.
She rolls out the twine and, man, we have a ball.

The Fear, Part I

Close to the edge, livin' from hand to mouth.
The dying' sedge, sparrows heading south.

Can't you see the fear in my eyes now dear?
It's better to live in pain than to die a thousand deaths again.

Driving through the night, spent ev'rything you've earned.
Bound to flee or fight for the bridges that you've burned.

Far away from home, the enemy is near.
Cut to the bone, slashed from ear to ear.

The Fear, Part II

Tryin' to make ends meet, livin' from day to day.
Tryin' to keep your feet, the tide sweeps you away.

Can't you see the fear in my eyes now dear?
It's better to live in pain than to die a thousand deaths again.

Achin' in my joints, ready to lay down in the dirt.
Could a thousand points help more than they hurt?

Grey House - Instrumental a la New Chautauqua era Metheny

Blue Ridge Sunshine - Ditto


(Lyrics by Nancy Potts)

The Masquerade goes on by day.
Put on the face of Ms. "I'm O.K."
Behind the smile, a flood of tears
And so your brain must shift the gears

Masquerade, the Mask, the Mask.
Masquerade, no easy task.
Masquerade, not really you.
It's only a Masquerade.

It's a masquerade day in and out.
You've got to play - no way out.
Play your part - you know it well.
You could win a prize - no-one can tell.

Masquerade - no-one can tell.
Masquerade - you know it well.
Masquerade - just shift the gears.
It's only a masquerade.

The masquerade confuses truth.
Hides the pain - but sees the proof.
And somewhere down "Oscar Road",
You're bound to get an overload.

Masquerade - hide the pain.
Masquerade - play the game.
Masquerade - day in and out.
It's only a masquerade.

Masquerade - hide the pain.
Masquerade - play the game.
Masquerade - not really you.
It's only a masquerade.

The Sun's Gone

It's cold outside.
The trees are frozen to my window panes.
And memories of summers past remain.
It seems so far away, all I can see -
The sky is overcast with misery.

The sun's gone...

It's cold outside.
The snow is piling up against the porch.
And carries on the unforgotten torch.
The ice encases ev'rything I own.
And lights the way the bitter wind has blown.

The sun's gone...

Runnin' from the storm.
Nothing to keep me warm.

The sun's gone...

The Distance

You say that the feelin's gone now and you don't know why.
Well can't you see how much you mean to me.
I just don't have the heart to let you see
how it hurts me.

Your change of heart came so fast; I was so off guard
That now I just can't seem to get along.
I can't tell which way's right and which is wrong.
Baby don't leave.

I know I have to leave soon, but I can't see why
The distance has to tear our lives apart.
Darling I'll still love you in my heart

Set Free

I got the letter that you wrote me.
I read the words but I don't know how to take it.
I'd never seen the way you feel. I never would have known.
But you thought somehow you could let it all out now.

Set free and it feels to good.
Set free and you never understood what you did for me.
You set me free, set me free.

But now it's just you and me baby.
You know she doesn't mean a thing to me.
Can you fill the hole she left in me from so far away?
Do you really know which way you want to go?

Set free and it hurts so bad.
Set free - did we waste the time we had
Afraid to be just you and me?
You set me free.

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All rights reserved.
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