1. Fallout (3:41) (Harrell, 1990)
2. Nursery Rhyme (3:21)* (Leeman, Harrell, 1990)
3. Washburn Dinosaur (4:32)** (Dobbins, Leeman, Dail, Harrell, 1993)
4. Modal Meandering (6:39) (Harrell, 1995)
5. Drinkin' & Smokin' (6:42) (Harrell, 1990)
6. Inside (2:12)*** (Potts, Harrell, 1989)
7. The Truth (6:18)** (Leeman, Dobbins, Dail, Harrell, 1993)
8. One of Each (5:27) (Harrell, 1995)
9. Fighting For (2:54) (Harrell, 1995)
10. Untitled in Eb (6:22)** (Leeman, Dail, Dobbins, Harrell, 1993)
11. Front Porch (4:59) (Harrell, 1995)

All vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming, engineering, and mixing by Andy Harrell (recorded 1995-97 at Leisure Time Studio) except:

* Lead vocal by Nancy Potts.

** With the band Synergy: lead vocal and keyboards by Paul Leeman, drums by Mark Dobbins, bass and backing vocal by David Dail, drums mixed by Butch Cutchin, recorded Feb 1993 at Electric Buckyland.

*** With the band Pressure Point: vocal by Nancy Potts, drums by Lane Newsome, bass by Gary Roman, keyboards by Paul Leeman, engineered & mixed by Randy Melton at Midease, Norfolk, VA, July 16, 1989. Fallout drums programmed & piano recorded at Tasty Studios, Va. Beach, Mar. 1992. Mastered by Al Gwaltney at Amerisound, Smithfield, VA, Feb 1997.

All songs (c) the persons and year indicated above on the right.

Cover photo by Amy Harrell.
Special thanks to everyone who bought the first disc and made this one possible!
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