L * Y * R * I * C * S


How can you stand there and say
I'm not doin' my share?
When so many times you left me
with your crippling load to bear.
I've spent all of my money and all of my time
just to get us this far.
And you've got the nerve to say
my contribution's not up to par.

Take a look at your own affairs
before you start with those evil stares.
Give me one good reason why
I should even care.

Now I know that you've been out there talkin' me down.
'Cause I hear all of the stories when you're not around.
And the fallout from it makes me feel so bad,
When I think about the friendship that we had.

Well I know ev'ryone feels this way sometimes.
But to let it control you would be such a crime.
And sooner or later you know I'll come to my senses,
Just as soon as my peace of mind overcomes my defenses.

Nursery Rhyme

(Lyrics by Paul Leeman)

Sing a song of six-pence, a pocket full of lies.
Four and twenty promises, burned before my eyes.
An afterthought before its time, somehow not meant to be.
Another suddenly appeared just between you and me.

You and I became as one, seperate souls beneath the sun.
We'd never walk before we'd run; no song of hope to sing.

Searchin' through the streets at night;
By day I comb the shore.
No washed-up answers to explain
What's fair in love and war.

I remember days of bliss, enshrined within your tender kiss.
Now, alone, I reminisce; no song of hope to sing, no.

When I walked toward the light I held your hand in mine.
Then my blindside turned to see how I'd been left behind.
So, sing a song of six-pence, a pocket full of tries.
A nursery rhyme to nurture hearts left to their own reprise.

I was once your wanton lover, now my love is undercover.
A rash of tears left to discover, no song of hope to sing.

Washburn Dinosaur

(Lyrics by Paul Leeman)

Hey, I'm talkin' to you.
Do what I say not what I do.
I'm the man with the plan,
Got the hair, got the tan.
Drive my car, wear my clothes,
God knows where the money goes.
When you come to see the show, I'm kid Rock-a-rolla gonna save your soul.

Sunrise, sunset, safe bet, no net...

What's that smell? Some kind of spirit?
Sounds like hell, I don't wanna hear it.
Wear my nine-inch leather boots under hundred-dollar suits.
Wear them to the TV show, tell the kids to just say no.
Have my vices tailor made, only of the highest grade.

Hey, don't label me.
It's what I say, not what you see.
When I come to draw the line I do it with the finest wine.
Hangin' on my every word, isn't that a bit absurd?
Get back `cause I make the dough, I'm kid Rock-a-rolla gonna save your soul.

Modal Meandering - New Age Acoustic Guitar Solo

Drinkin' and Smokin'

It started back in high school hangin' with the crowd,
A six-pack in the back seat, music's playin' loud.
Being an alcoholic was the last thing on your mind,
But what could be the logic in the reasons that you find.

And you drink and you drink until
You can't remember what you ever started drinking for.
And you smoke and you smoke until
You don't know how you'd make it
through the day without one more.

A pack a day at sixteen like ev'ry one you knew.
It livened up the parties and chased away the blues.
You knew you'd beat the odds; the danger wasn't real.
But the damage to your body you know you'll start to feel.

What's grown into a habit has changed your way of life.
Hung over all weekend, up coughing half the night.
It doesn't have to be this way; it's really up to you.
Balance all your vices
against the dreams that pull you through.


(Lyrics by Nancy Potts)

Just get inside the music, cruisin' with the notes.
Let go - let it take you and away the real world floats.

Feel it in your bones, your soul - rockin', swayin', jumpin'.
Turn it up - feel the vibes; your heart, your blood gets pumpin'.

Inside the music life's a breeze, a wisp, a wish, a flutter
Inside the music it's your world.
Inside the notes the stars are your cover.

Take me, take me far away, right through time and space.
Castles, clouds and magic - where's your special place?

The Truth

(Lyrics by Paul Leeman)

Should you be the one to tell me
that we took the wrong turn long ago?
What's that you were trying to sell me?
a ticket out, no place to go?

What were we all swinging for
when we stepped up to an empty plate?
A penny for your thoughts no more,
We'll all learn to appreciated.

I think the time is now
Let's make a change somehow
We'll see what we can be.
The truth will set you free.

Why's this picture painted green?
Brother can you spare a dime?
Seems that it's more than it seemed.
Brother can you spare the time?

I see what daddy had to go through
and I don't know why we've gone astray.
I am not the one to show you
just where the answer lies today.

I think the time is now.
Let's make the change somehow.
We'll see what we can be.
The truth will set you free.

One of Each - Moody Piano Guitar Duet w/ Strings

Fighting For

Are we ripples in a pond, dancing,
Sometimes cancelling, sometimes enhancing each other?
Or are we like stars in the night,
So far apart we can barely see each others' light?

What are we all fighting for?
What could we gain from this war?

Chasing our dreams west into the sun,
Never enough daylight to get things done.

Spending most of our hours toiling away,
Hoping someday our freedom will be won.

Untitled in E-flat - Jazz Fusion Quartet Instrumental

Front Porch

Standing on the front porch, lookin' up at the sky.
I've come such a long way only to wonder why.
Searching for the reasons in the stars in the night.
Wondering what I'd find there, I'm drawn towards the light.

Freedom is hard to come by.
Freedom, your bondage untied.

Floating down the river, breathing in the cool breeze.
Springtime all around me now, we've broken the freeze.
Looking down into the muddy water's cold grip.
Hoping through its icy fingers I'll manage to slip.

Running through the dark the fear envelopes me now.
Look around each corner wiping the sweat from my brow.
Holding on with everything I cherish in tow.
Trying not to let my feelings betray what I know.

Copyright 1995, 1993, 1990, 1989 - All Rights Reserved

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