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Solo Demos for Prospective Employers

Brown Eyed Girl (Morrison)
Why Georgia (Mayer)
Lowdown (Scaggs)
Sara Smile (Hall & Oates)

Duets, etc.

Some of the excellent musicians I'm currently working with on acoustic gigs...

Dana Silvercloud - Bass, Vocals *** Nancy Gordon - Vocals, Percussion *** Walter Walker - Percussion, Vocals *** Steve Harrell - Violin, Vocals


Nancy & Steve - Big Yellow Taxi (Mitchell)
Nancy & Steve - Landlside (Nicks)
Dana & Walt (with Island Boy) - Sticky Situation (Silver)


Seattle Blues (Harrell) * * * * * Island Boy You Can't Hide (A. Hengel) at Margaritavile, Key West * * * * * * * Synergy (B. Harrell) Logo

Complete Original Music Catalog

The Andy Harrell Project

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Top left picture (Synergy), left to right: Andy Harrell, Dave Dail, Mark Dobbins, Paul Leeman.
Center picture (Pressure Point), top row, left to right: Gary Roman, Paul Leeman.
Center picture, bottom row, left to right: Andy Harrell, Lane Newsome, Nancy Potts.
Right panel: The Maestro, tapping away...

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1. The Workin' Song (Harrell) (3:40)
2. Worlds (Potts, Harrell) (2:58)
3. Heart Forget (Potts, Harrell) (3:40)
4. Passion Blown Away (Potts, Harrell) (3:03)
5. Never Let Her Go (Harrell) (3:18)
6. In a Dream (Harrell) (3:47)
7. Running in the Dark (Harrell) (7:27)
8. Anger (Harrell) (3:10)
9. Tie Me Up (Leeman, Harrell) (3:39)
10. The Fear (Part I) (Harrell, Leeman, Dobbins, Dail) (9:02)
11. The Fear (Part II) (Dail, Harrell, Dobbins, Leeman) (4:05)
12. Grey House (Harrell) (3:32)
13. Blue Ridge Sunshine (Harrell) (3:34)
14. Masquerade (Potts, Harrell) (3:20)
15. The Sun's Gone (Harrell) (3:28)
16. The Distance (Harrell) (6:14)
17. Set Free (Harrell) (3:36)

Chasing Our Dreams

Chasing Our Dreams CD Cover
Left to right: Andy Harrell, Oz Walters, Pete Reuss & James Arthur.

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1. Fallout (3:41) (Harrell)
2. Nursery Rhyme (3:21) (Leeman, Harrell)
3. Washburn Dinosaur (4:32) (Dobbins, Leeman, Dail, Harrell)
4. Modal Meandering (6:39) (Harrell)
5. Drinkin' & Smokin' (6:42) (Harrell)
6. Inside (2:12) (Potts, Harrell)
7. The Truth (6:18) (Leeman, Dobbins, Dail, Harrell)
8. One of Each (5:27) (Harrell)
9. Fighting For (2:54) (Harrell)
10. Untitled in Eb (6:22)** (Leeman, Dail, Dobbins, Harrell)
11. Front Porch (4:59) (Harrell)

Bonus Tracks!!!

These songs and/or recordings were not released on the original CDs:

Comin' Home (Harrell)
Do We Really Talk?(Harrell)
Rainy Nights Without You(Harrell)
Acoustic Reprise 1(Harrell)
Acoustic Reprise 2(Harrell)
12/7/90 - Nursery Rhyme Recorded live at Lane's house...

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